We create Original, Unique and Beautiful Sculpture in Wood

In Schools

We have been creating, organising and managing Arts Projects for schools and communities for over twenty years. We have created works such as storytelling seats and areas, climbing frames and  play equipment.

We also work in Willow, Ash and Hazel to create domes and archways as living, growing sculpture.

If you are considering an art installation project in your school or community, indoors or outside ,we can work with you to create something beautiful.

We can run workshops (adults or children) to teach and collaborate on a piece or we can build something for you - on or off site.

If you would like help with any aspect of an arts project in your school or community please contact us and we can tell you about the many succsesful projects we have done and can help to grow your creative ideas. We are also happy to help with the planning, funding and organisational side of things.

Projects can take anywhere between a few days and several weeks.

Give us a ring on 07742 541680 or drop us an email at and we can have a conversation about your project.


Please see some projects below to get an idea of what might work in your space - click on any picture to open the gallery - click on a picture to move on.