We create Original, Unique and Beautiful Sculpture in Wood

Andy Manning

I live in Cambridgeshire on my narrow boat, my studio is an eight acre field with low impact buildings, solar generation and compost convenience. I work in co operative with four other sculptors and we produce monumental public sculpture. I have over thirty pieces of public art around the country, a further thirty plus collaborative pieces in the public eye and  many more, gently decomposing ephemeral installations in rural locations. I have undergone a twelve year apprenticeship with two practicing sculptors. Through these twelve years I have delivered a very mixed bag of commission work, mainly figurative and I feel a great inspiration and passion to explore and share my own experience of form, beauty and reality. Through abstraction, altered perspective and manipulation of context, I attempt to produce a mirror to the human condition, a challenge to the should be, a portal to the could be, questioning good and bad, the ugly and the beautiful, to make the invisible world visible and create a catalyst to a greater possibility for the appreciation of our natural and made environment. I began with art ,drawing, painting and creating from an early age. I trained and worked as a conservation ecologist with art in my heart and now I combine my, varied, life experience in the now of observation, creation and transformation.  Call Andy M on 07900803593    Email        Web site